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Course Reviews

Coding Ninjas is an e-learning platform that provides courses taught by faculties from Stanford University, IITs, IIITs and Ex-Professionals from Facebook, Google and Amazon.

I have completed the Combo: C++ Data Structures & Algorithms courses from Coding Ninjas and would like to share my experience here.


The content of this course included topics right from the Foundation level to the advanced. Operations on Data Structures viz. arrays, strings, linked lists, stacks, queues and many other things were taught. Overall the content was well organized. We had assignments that facilitated the hands-on practice of programming. Tests were conducted so that all students could map their progress and a Leaderboard helped us track our position among our peers, which was a source of motivation to work harder, to be honest!


The courses also include major projects where we can implement all that we have learned. These projects not only help us understand concepts better but also added to the resume since they reflect that we know the application part of what we have studied so far.


Now coming to a very significant feature, doubt resolution. We were provided with live doubt support. All we had to do was ask a question and we got the solution in just a few minutes! The mentors that were assigned to us tracked our performance regularly. It would be unfair of me if I don't mention how supportive the whole Coding Ninjas community is. I got the opportunity to expand my network and connect with like-minded students that were interested in similar topics. I got help even in my projects from the friends that I made here.


Another thing that I liked is that we can apply for and become a Teaching Assistant if our performance is good enough. This also adds great value to our learning.


Coding Ninjas has also developed a platform to practice coding problems online, Codezen. It is user friendly and has a great variety of problem statements to solve. I have been practicing on it for some time now and it has helped me a lot with my interview preparation.


All in all, I would say it was a great experience and I would love to be connected with the Coding Ninjas community for a very long time.


To anyone pursuing a dream that involves programming, do not hesitate and sign up for a course already. It would turn out to be one of the best decisions you've made so far!

Coding Ninjas are completely worthy of the money they charge for these online programming courses because they don’t just make money from us but they ensure that you should learn the depth of the concepts and excel in your career. We all know that to acquire something we have to invest in them also. This is the basic rule of life which is pretty evident from our childhood. You could see that we have to pay fees to go to the school, where we acquire knowledge, we pay fees to the colleges also to acquire knowledge only so why couldn’t we invest something which could help us in building a strong foundation of our career. We should always look in a long-term perspective that which thing would benefit us in the future.

he world is growing digitally and in this fast-growing era, one must be acquainted with these technological skills to survive in the future. Moreover, Better investments would always fetch better returns.

Earlier, I was also confused about these paid courses and explored many free courses but found nothing much useful and at one place from where I could learn to program but then I came across Coding Ninjas and got enrolled in one of the courses named Interview preparation offered by them. After this course, my complete perspective of the paid courses was changed. I am sharing my personal experience with the course.

Some of the USPS of the course are:

  • Well-designed Course structure: Every course here is well designed with the best quality content videos and covers all the required topics and crucial concepts. Every topic is explained in such an efficient manner that if you are a beginner also you would understand it very smoothly. The course starts at a very basic level and then slowly transitions to the expert level. The content was always the priority of any student and if we could get good content, basically we get satisfied that we had invested a good place.

  • Best Qualified Faculty: The other impressive part about the course is that the faculty who teaches this course. They teach every concept in such a manner that even if a student is a beginner, then also he can understand the full depth of that topic. Moreover, they are so proficient in their field and know how to increase the level of the course from basic to expert. So, the student should improve gradually in his coding.

  • Best TA support: This is my most favorite or liked part about Coding Ninjas. Most of the students, when they start coding, are unable to debug their codes and want some mentors for help. The TA support provided by coding ninjas is I would say the most valuable part because these TA's guide us not only in coding, but they help us to think about the question and how to develop intuition to solve the problems. They help us from how to develop an initial brute force approach to an optimized solution and then to implement it in coding, which plays a very important part in Competitive Programming. These mentors are generally available most of the time and help us in not only coding but also other career-related fields.

Also, after you do any course with Coding Ninjas, they use to provide recommendations for several openings in the job market which helps in placements.

I would really recommend that just keep money aside once and do join Coding Ninjas for getting some real hand experience in Coding.

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